Polyethylene fittings

Polyethylene double-wall carrogate fittings

The importance of the variety of connections and their quality has always been more than pipes, because according to statistics, the problems of the fluid transfer sector are reported in poor quality connections and improper use.
The types of fittings available in the new pipe company guarantee the quality of your projects. Some types of these connections include conversion type, tee, four-way and knee connection.

Various connections guarantee the implementation of a quality design.
The lack of sufficient resistance and necessary sealing in pipes and connections causes sewage leakage and environmental pollution and infiltration of plant roots into the network and eventually blocking the route. In areas with high underground water levels, water infiltration into the network The transfer of wastewater increases the amount of fluid and, as a result, the construction of treatment plants with a higher capacity.
With regard to its records, Sabek Lule Naveen Company continues to be a pioneer in the production and manufacture of quality fittings and is proud to have taken a step in this direction by providing various types of fittings with the latest molds and machines.


Advantages of polyethylene joints

Easy installation, resistance to compressive forces and corrosion, light weight, and reducing the cost of purchasing and installing double-walled polyethylene cargo gate connections, and the durability and long working time of this type of connection have made this type of connection popular in sewage projects. The variety of double-wall fittings in modern pipe style has accelerated the implementation of sewage projects and increased the quality of its implementation. Among the most important features of this product, the following can be mentioned:

• Speed ​​and ease of implementation
• Resistance to pressure and impact
• Resistance to chemicals
• High flexibility
• Negligible pressure drop due to polished connections
• Resistant to rust, corrosion and abrasion
• Tolerating vibrations caused by earthquakes
• Low cost in installation and implementation

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Polyethylene pipe raw materials

Double-walled polyethylene sewage pipes should not only easily transport sewage and industrial liquids from one place to another, but should also be resistant to wear and corrosion. Also, these pipes should be easy to install and flexible and should not have any leaks. By producing these pipes with HDPE material, all these advantages will be obtained.
The raw materials used in the production of double-walled plastic pipes are natural (virgin) polyethylene or polyethylene containing carbon black in grades PE 100 or PE 80.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the properties and sources of HDPE high density polyethylene materials:

Polyethylene pipe raw materials

The designations PE80 and PE100 are based on the long-term strength of the respective materials, known as minimum required strength (MRS) according to ISO 12162.

Chemical resistance

Pipes made from HDPE materials are generally resistant to chemicals commonly found in municipal wastewater.

The maximum operating temperature for PE 100 in different environments is as described by Dale.

The reliable suppliers of HDPE grade PIPE EXTRUDE materials in the country are as follows:


Carrogate polyethylene pipe buying guide

Polyethylene fittings are widely used and important equipment, and their purchase is even more important than the purchase of pipes. Therefore, when you buy this equipment, you must have full knowledge of this product, so that you can get connections that are perfect in terms of quality and performance and will not cause any problems in the work after years. . All kinds of polyethylene joints are widely used.

Therefore, when you make a purchase, it is very important that you are going to use the connections in what industries, or what type of connections you need. Due to the importance of the quality and efficiency of these connections, it is better to contact the consultants of the new pipe style, so as not to get into trouble. From this point of view, you can easily buy this product in ideal quality and reasonable price.

Carogate polyethylene pipe price

Calculating the price of polyethylene fittings is like estimating the price of polyethylene pipes. Polyethylene fittings have different prices due to the variety of types and models.

Polyethylene joints play an important role in polyethylene pipelines, and most of the problems and failures in polyethylene pipelines are in the joints.

Therefore, be extremely careful and obsessive in preparing polyethylene fittings, as the quality of the fittings can affect the performance of the entire line.

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